Chinese painting artist: Li Xiao

Li Xiao's Biography & Awards:

Li Xiao in 1970 was born, ancestral home Shanghai, graduated from the Lu Xun Fine arts academy. Received my father, my elder brother to affect since childhood, affection traditional Chinese painting. And practices Huang Baohong specially the scenery, is deep the scholarship and self-cultivation, for many years has insisted the extra-curricular creation, no matter scenery, character, flower-and-bird, explores the modern painting unceasingly from the tradition.

李晓 1970年生,祖籍上海,毕业于鲁迅美术学院。自幼受家父、家兄影响,喜爱中国画。并专习黄宝虹山水,深得学养,多年来坚持业馀创作,不论山水、人物、花鸟,不断从传统中探索现代绘画.

Li Xiao's Chinese paintings:

Chinese Lotus Painting
Chinese Cow Painting

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