Chinese painting artist: Huang Shanchuan

Huang Shanchuan's Biography & Awards:

Huang Shanchuan gentleman, native of Jiangsu. The Chinese Artist Association member, graduates from Beijing Art academy, excels at the enjoyable flower-and-bird painting, its flower-and-bird painting work writing technique is succinct, the style fresh meaningful, sparse distant has the poetic sentiment, has the very high artistic expressive force and the power, view its picture, if reads a flavor infinite snatch, or lets the human be completely relaxed.
Its work once entered the exhibition China Artist Association first, second nation flower-and-bird painting work big exhibition, the new century "the Chinese character and style country art exhibition" and so on many important award items, once on invitation participated in the Canadian international ink and wash painting big exhibition, many artistic media once opened the column to introduce its person of its skill.
And work "Quiet Blue print" 2004The year on January 8 by the Great Hall of the People collection, "Is soared to the clouds Chart" is selected the 5th session of contemporary painter-calligrapher work invitation exhibition, "Clear Summer Chart" attains commemorates Mao Zedong to study the preface to Comrade Lei Feng to publish the 40th anniversary nation calligraphy and painting big exhibition copper prize, "Ancient Snow Chart" wins the fourth Chinese calligraphy and painting famous expert big exhibition match silver award, "Modest Lofty character" attains "the prosperous times national customs" 2003 Chinese calligraphy and painting year exhibition nomination, "Double Clear" is selected the first session "the peony cup" the contemporary calligraphy and painting famous expert work big exhibition. And has the massive works publishes in national many kinds of publications and the coffee-table book. Many works by Singapore, Japanese, American, Hong Kong, Taiwan's Tibet collection.


Huang Shanchuan's Chinese paintings:

Chinese Birds painting
Chinese Lotus painting

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