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Chinese painting artist: Shi Quan

Shi Quan's Biography & Awards:

Shi Quan, born in Shanxi province, 1978. Now he is the advanced painter of Guilin Painting and Calligraphy Town.

Inherited the lore run in the family since childhood, and studied assiduously the “Chieh Tzu Yüan Hua Pu”. While studied at academy of fine arts, he was deeply influenced by his instructor of Lingnan painting genre. His style not only has the Lingnan painting genre characteristic—natural imitation, but also combine the traditional literati’ trait—painting in poetry. He especially excelled at drawing a variety of flowers and birds. His paintings were selected to Hong Kong region art Exchange exhibition successively six times. Many works were collected by the overseas Chinese.

自幼承传家学,刻苦研习介子园画谱。在美术学院学习期间,深受岭南派导师的影响,画风既具岭南派师法自然的特色,又兼具了传统文人画中有诗的特点,尤其擅长画各种花鸟。他的画作先后六次入选港澳地区的艺术交流展,多张作品被海外华人收藏。 形象。

Shi Quan's Chinese paintings:

Chinese Crane Painting
Chinese Birds&Flowers painting

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