Chinese painting artist: Li Mingshi

Li Mingshi's Biography&Awards:

Li Mingshi, came from Yangshuo of Guangxi province. Now he is a professional painter of Chinese Painting. He has been learning drawing since his childhood. He has a quiet character and understands the traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting well. He likes the techniques of expression of green landscape painting, water-ink birds&flowers painting and freehand figure painting. He had been studying hard on the Four Masters in Yuan Dynasty and four masters of Wang family in Qing Dynasty and laid a strong traditional andscpae painting foundation. He took part in many national and provincial painting exhibitions and awarded a lot.

Now he is a member of Guangxi Daolin Landscape Painting Research Institute. His artworks were collected by many museums and collectors from Southeast Asia countries and Taiwan. 



Li Mingshi's Chinese painting:

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Customize Li Mingshi's Chinese Painting:

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