Contemporary Realism Oil Paintings

Contemporary Realism

Styles of art often evolve into other styles as artists develop the techniques that a certain style incorporates and utilize them to make a unique and easily recognizable art form that is unique to them. Of course, once an artist becomes popular, or if the artist in an important person for the time period, the art form that they have created through their own emotions and techniques is replicated and coined as a new art form. In this case, the art style of Contemporary Realism, which incorporated a variety of traditional aspects that were developed into a more contemporary style in order to appeal to a younger generation, sparked not only a variety of other art styles that are still used today, but also an incredible movement that not only raised awareness of photography and the potential that it had to change the world, but also fought against Romanticism.

Romanticism was a French blend of literature and artwork that promoted emotionalism in writing and painting, and dominated most of the literature and artwork that came out throughout the 18th and early 19th century. Because the art style of Contemporary Realism was based around objective reality that was not swayed by emotions or the bias of the artist who painted the piece or wrote a piece of literature to share with the world, the movement of Contemporary Realism that began in the mid 19th century was based around these same ideals. However, instead of painting, this movement used photography in order to capture scenes and events with an unbiased perspective to show to the world, and allowed people to view the photographs and form their own opinions about the subject matter.

This revolutionized the way that both art and literature portrayed the world, as it began to sway the popularity of artwork and literature away from emotionalism and ideas that were completely biased by the artist or writer, and instead allowed the viewer of the piece to place his or her own opinion on the piece. This was incredibly popular in French culture and changed the way that the world was viewed, as the events that were going on at the time were seen for what they were, rather than what they "could have been."

Contemporary Realism is still used today, although it is very difficult for many people who are used to thinking or speaking in one way to remove their own biased thoughts from the situation, even if a picture is taken, as the angles or lighting that a scene has can be changed to force the viewer to see the situation in a new light.

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