Still Life Oil Paintings

Still Life Oil Paintings

Many iconic artists have received worldwide acclaim and fame for their still life paintings. Some people may think that this type of paintings is the simplest type of painting because they depict inanimate subjects. They could depict a vase of flowers sitting on top of a kitchen table or a bowl of fruits, hidden partially in shadow. The idea may sound simple but an artist's work shines through in the style that they paint these subjects. In fact, the mere act of adding light and shadows into a still life painting takes considerable skill and talent. This type of paintings is especially impressive if the painted subjects look almost like the real thing. In other word, an artist who can bring life and zest to a still life painting is truly someone who has great talent.

One of the most popular still life painters is Cezanne. His depiction of bowls of fruits, artfully displayed across a table, shows mastery. The vibrant colours stemming from the oil paintings make the work of art come alive. Colours, forms and lines are prominently drawn in his paintings, prompting experts to state that this is where Cubist paintings jumped off.

Another artist well known for his still life paintings is Henry Matisse. Matisse has a style different from Cezanne's. While Cezanne's work is full-bodied and realistic, Matisse's art is more vibrant – using bright colours filled into figures with bold and flat outlines. His subjects are usually set against vibrantly coloured backgrounds – giving his paintings a surreal zest. Cezanne's and Matisse's works are extremely different, but both are perfect examples of still life paintings.

Still life paintings are popular because they are perfect for homes. One can look at freshly cut flowers all day without having to worry if they will wilt. Depending on the style, a still life painting can bring a certain calm to a room, or add a touch of vibrancy to a room's theme. Since still life paintings are usually quite straight forward, one does not need to be high brow in art and culture to appreciate them. In that sense, most people can appreciate a well-done piece of still life painting and this is why it is the type of art that is most commonly seen in homes, restaurants and even office spaces.

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Eugene Delacroix(1)

Francisco De Goya y Lucientes(6)

Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec(2)

John Singer Sargent(3)

Pierre Auguste Renoir(102)

Claude Oscar Monet(22)

Paul Cezanne(115)

Vincent Van Gogh(97)

Mary Cassatt(1)

John Constable(2)

Paul Gauguin(62)

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Japanese Vase With Roses And Anemones5Gallery Price: $330.00
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Lilacs In A Window25Gallery Price: $275.00
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