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Our Artists Group

We employ more than 30 full time artists, with more available for large projects - all of whom hold advanced degrees in fine arts. We only recruit the most talented artists - each of our painters possesses over ten years of relevant experience. Collectively, our artists embody a range of enormous depth, discipline and talent that makes us the most attractive art hub in the world.

We value our artists and provide them with the best environment and materials, keeping our employee retention rates very high - some of our painters have been with us for several years! This allows up offering our returning customers the option to request a particular artist they've worked with before, year after year.

Our average artist is a university graduate with an advanced degree in art who, apart from working for our company, also develops his own portfolio of original art. The average age of our artists is 33. The youngest is just 27 years old and the oldest above 60. Our artists tend to specialize in a certain style or in works of a certain master - such as Vincent Van Gogh or Claude Monet, and as such we commission orders to the artist who is most likely to do the best job. Below are some of our main artist brief introductions for your reference.

Fang Cong

Fang Cong: He was graduated from Oil Painting Department, National Shanghai University in 1965, and was appointed head of the laboratory, the oil painting of the Shanghai Theater Academy in 1975. He is good at figures and portraits, sensitive to capture the emotional characteristics of the different characters and revealing the humanity. His works are colorful and full of passion. Living abroad in 1987, his artistic exploration gradually turn Oriental rhyme and humanity "Cosmic Life" series, in Europe and the United States and other countries held 30 several exhibitions in France. In 2000, invited by the Shanghai Art Museum, the new museum "Fang Shicong Exhibition, his paintings have won the Special Award and the highest Jury Prize in France and the United States. In 2008, he was pioneered heart representational art salon to promote Chinese contemporary literati painting. He was skilled at abstract oil painting, landscape painting and realism painting.

Huang Lixin

Huang Lixin: In 1990,Huang Lixin was graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts graduate works exhibitors: Oil Painting Exhibition "Youth apartment contemporary art exhibition literature Guangdong third painting exhibition the Third Landscape style national figures Oil Painting Exhibition national" era with the spirit of "People portrait painting exhibition first Chinese Lingnan painting slightly Showcase "to forward, forward" the third sketch Exhibition of the the Guangdong new Youth Exhibition Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, the second session of the China Academy of Art students and teachers Oil Painting Exhibition third Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts graduate Exhibition research significance ---- Exhibition of Oil Painting Department Graduate creation of new state Telao Di techniques classes Sports Art Exhibition, Guangdong Province, the second session of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Graduate Exhibition.

Xia Yang

Xia Yang: He specializes in watercolors oil painting and pastels painting. And he was graduated from the Fine Arts Department, Xiamen University in 2000. He used to work as art editor in People's Education Publishing House and Xiamen People's Publishing House, His famous works include the sunset, Congtai, spring, country girls, farmer, female, Hui'an women.

Li Juncai

Li Juncai: He specializes in oil painting, watercolor painting, and comics. Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Fujian Normal University in 1976, in 1987 graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Seminar. Years of study, creation, practice, and open their hearts freely absorb the concepts and practices of ancient and modern paintings, borrow the style of the ancient masters mastered in his works, in order to explore and perfect their own art style. Emerged in the thick of pastoral simplicity of truth deep and natural surface plot, is entrusted with the inner world of the painter infinite vitality.

Sun Yuan

Sun Yuan: 1983 graduated from Fuzhou Normal University Department of Fine Arts, In 1986, from June to September, sketching to Xinjiang Oil Painting Exhibition of Hebei (Shijiazhuang), in1991, graduated from Beijing University of Economics and Management, Since 2005 as a professional painter in Xiamen. Famous works are exhibited in Xiamen Art Museum, such as The Wall, Mother and the Sun.

Liu Xia

Liu Xia: Hunan Women sentimental view of their canvas "distance" plenty of rustic and elegant and leisurely to warmth, she is a beautiful painter fascination with classical paintings and the techniques of realism seeks to achieve the ultimate, trying purified realistic visual trying to provide a pure sense of permeability to the net for the viewer, the work is a portrayal of the artist's own good painting is itself the ultimate photo.

Liang Yong

Liang Yong: Born in Zhangzhou, Fujian province. He studied in Fujian Normal University Department of Fine Arts in 1989, admitted to painting professional, undergraduate degree in literature, In 1993, worked as art teacher currently Zhangzhou City Vocational College, Department of Art art teacher, associate professor, School of Fine Arts has long been engaged in teaching, personal strengths and interests, oil painting.

Liu Zhiying

Liu Zhiying: She was born in May, 1970 in Hebei province and specializes in oil painting. She graduated from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 1994. She used to be a middle school art teacher then worked as a professor of Hebei Normal University, in department of Fine Arts. Her famous prizewinning works include midnight, star, XiYing poor family. Midnight selected for the National Youth Art Exhibition, and published in the Art magazine. Now lives in Xiamen and works as oil painting artist.

Li Zhong

Li Zhong: After graduated from Yunnan Art Institute painting graduate, Li Zhong has been working with local the Ziyun galleries, Gaoyuanhong galleries and has drawn a large number of works. He also worked as based teacher in Arts and Crafts School. "If early paintings of the road is the fate I go after graduation, then, in 2000, had the honor to get to know the mentor is an important starting point in my painting then shift from a passive to an independent study, copying the masters Bouguereau many works, the techniques grow a lot."

Su Li

Su Li: He was graduated from Xiamen Hua Qiao University of Art Institute and a member of Fujian Province Artists Association. Under the guidance of Yu Pingwang and Song Qiming teacher, he created some famous works. Childhood passion for lifelong pursuit of art, live the life in the art of painting.

Xie Mo

Xie Mo: Graduated from Fujian Normal University, with bachelor degree. He is a member of Fuzhou Artists Association and the Oil Painting Society. Since 2004, he has been counseling students to participate in the international, national, provincial, city and county painting competitions and won numerous awards.

Chen Xiaobing

Chen Xiaobing: In 2003 studied in Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and graduated from the oil painting department of modern painting studio with a bachelor's degree, studied in France after returning. Now lives in Xiamen. He is good at landscape oil painting.

Wu fang

Wu fang: Born in 1970, Xiamen, Fujian Province. Graduated from the Shandong Institute of Arts in 1996 and a Bachelor of Arts degree, his childhood love of oil painting and watercolor painting, the juvenile with his teacher Xujun learning calligraphy during undergraduate professional in the Shandong Institute of Arts Department of Fine Arts to study painting, his works are fresh and natural, innovative and refined.

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