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Top Ten Beauties In the World Famous Paintings ( Part One )

1. Mona Lisa --  Da Vinci This is the world's most famous painting. Mona Lisa was beautiful and elegant, solemn and virtuous. Until now, her mysterious smiles still aroused the interest and curiosity of numerous historians and painting experts. It … Continue reading

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Surrealism Oil Painting

Pioneer Surrealism took Dadaism as its pioneer. During the French literary world of two world wars, super realism exerted a wide influence mainly focused on poems then related to prose, fiction, and drama and even in painting. Super realists aimed … Continue reading

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Matisse Painting: Dance

Since ancient times dance has become one of the most common subjects in European paintings and sculptures. Matisse said, "I like dance so much. Dance is an amazing thing:life and rhythm". Dance depicts five female dancing bodies circling around with … Continue reading

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