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William Turner (also known as Joseph William Turner) has always been known for the incredible oil paintings that he has produced. Being an English Romantic landscape painter as he was, he ran against most of the other painters of the same time period, but his was not actually a bad thing for him. In fact, this earned him the title that he currently has, as his difference from the others in the same time period made him famous and set him apart from many of the others who produced paintings in the 1700s.

The Slave Ship

William Turner was brought into this world on January 27, 1738 and was an incredibly happy baby. At first, his passion was to become a barber, as he love cutting hair in order to bring out the beauty in people, but this beauty was transferred to the canvass that he began taking a liking to. He turned his attention away from the cutting of hair when his mother died and began painting in the Royal Academy of Art School in 1789, where he picked up quite a few different techniques and widened his array of different styles. This allowed him to become an incredible artist and broadened his horizon of colors throughout his time in the school.

Once he graduated, William Turner began to take a fancy to oil paintings, and would paint the horizons of the place in which he lived. This was a pastime for him, as his mother had died and he was able to finally find a peaceful way to escape reality. This beauty and peace if truly shown through each and every painting that was released during this time period, s the peace of mind that was capture on the canvas is kept well within the oil that was used.

William Turner continued painting through the years and became eccentric later on in his life. This brought him many beautiful views of the world, but also brought on great depression, which darkened his overall artwork. As he declined, so did the happiness of his work, and his art became darker and darker, allowing for a much more melancholy tone to be placed on the canvas. William Turner eventually left this world on December 19, 1851, but left behind a wide array of different beautiful paintings for the rest of humanity to enjoy. The world will never forget this incredible man's work.

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