The Works of American Painter Sargent

The realism painter Sargent who was famous as his portraits, was born in Florence. Although his parents were both American, he grew up in Europe. In 1874, he went to study in Paris Art School from Italy. Because of his outstanding talents especially in portrait, so he was admitted into the “special class” of Carlo Lars Durham to receive special painting training.

In 1881, Sargent won the Ariel Award. Because in 1884 his portrait Madame X was strongly criticized in France, he angrily left the Paris and settled in London. In 1897, he became an academician of Royal Academy of Art. And in 1907, he refused to be jazz, because he claimed to be an American. Sargent appeared in the British watercolor painting history and American painter introductions.

Madame X

Madame X

Sargent was keen on painting career in his whole life. He never married and focused all his attention to the pursuit of his own artistic road. His watercolor portraits fully displayed his talents with bright colors, highly succinct and clear and visible depiction of facial expressions of characters. Apart from the portraits, he often painted watercolor landscapes which were usually characterized by improvise sketch with prominent features, dripping water, dignified and pleasant color style and unique performance of light effect. He never depicted some details. The sail in the water was concisely painted with color blending and rich volatile feelings. Red, yellow, blue and green were directly used to express a beautiful and transparent scene. All the above could explain what his later works looked like. Use the objective description to replace the subjective performance in the expression of light, color and shape, which has reached a higher beauty.

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