A Girl Reading

In a series of Renoir paintings that present ladies reading, Monet's wife has been one of the models. We can imagine that when Renoir was painting attentively, he glimpsed the girl who was reading. She was sitting leisurely by the window. Bathing in the sunshine, her face glistens in the sun. What a wonderful picture! Immediately, Renoir took out a canvas and began to paint while the girl was not noticing.

A Girl Reading

A Girl Reading

In this series of works, Renoir captured the intellectual characteristic of the girls who were reading. In the whole picture, he preferred cool tones like blues and greens. However, amid the blue, the cheek color on the girl's face is rose-tinged, which incorporates the warmth of the sun and the inner delight into this painting.

Lights reflected from the book make her face look gentler and clearer. The luster on her forehead seems from the internal. Looking at this painting, we will naturally be moved by its peace and softness. Her quiet temperament and demure manner give viewers a deep impression. The clothes she wears match the background so well that they form one integrated mass. The white spots, representing the sunlight, drop on her face. The girl concentrates her focus on the book in front of her, turning her face half round. All these elements - colors and lights, show us a warm picture of a girl reading in a quiet surrounding.

This painting demonstrates the core of painting in France in 19th century. The painting brush is like a jumping musical note. When here is a heavy mark, there will be a light stroke. In this painting, the golden hair radiates brilliant light. It seems the book is also covered by golden beams. This painting technique can be seen in her lips, eyes and brows.

The theme of this painting can easily be seen from the colors and the lights, which properly describe the temperament of the girl who enjoys reading. Most of Renoir's paintings about women are full of an air of loveliness, gentleness and sexiness. However,this painting -- A Girl Reading is different. Renoir described women as intellectual and elegant, which conveys his respect and understanding to intellectual at that time.

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