Ambassadors Sent By Agamemnon To Urge

Ambassadors Sent By Agamemnon To Urge was historical figure painting made by Ingres with full enthusiasm at the age of 20 years old. And it was also his first official historical figure painting. What the painting depicted was the content in 9th volume of the famous epic Iliad by the ancient blind Greek poet Homa. In "Troy's war", the Greek warrior Ajiliusi stopped fighting and quit his position because of discord with the commander Agamemnon. Akirius's mother Thetis put forward his willing to lead the road to Jupiter in order to safeguard his son's honor, making the Greek army fail. In this way, Ajiliusi could be reinstated by the Greek army. When the Greek army had lost the momentum, as expected, Agamemnon sent envoys to visit Ajiliusi and asked him to return to battle field and save the war.

Ambassadors Sent By Agamemnon To Urge Achilles To Fight

Ambassadors Sent By Agamemnon To Urge Achilles To Fight

This painting described the scene that the messenger visited. In the painting, Ajiliusi stopped playing and watched the moment of Agamenon's envoy standing up. The slightly shaking muscles of him and Patroclus and the showed flexibility as well as the thick and healthy body of young messengers left the audience a deep impression. In the prospect, the characters were arranged in order and the medium shot simply depicted the camp according to the horizontal and vertical lines. In the background, the Greek soldiers skillfully demonstrated the looks of characters through the light fluctuation and perfect and delicate characterization. Odysseus's image was based on the Greek statue made in the Rome times in the fifth century BC. Patru Cross was referred to the ancient Greek myth in the Allegheny. It won the "Rome Award" in 1801.

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