Apple Tree in Gustav Klimt's Works

Gustav Klimt was an excellent Austrian iconoclast who came from a poor family. He is famous for elaborate, explicitly sensual paintings and murals. Most of his works are related to themes of regeneration, love and death. Images in his works symbolize the freedom of art form traditional Western culture. His works are also known for an elegant use of gold backgrounds and mosaic patterns.


Apple Tree I

Apple Tree I

Apple tree depicts a vivid image with excellent color accuracy and exceptional resolution. At first glance, we may think millions of ink droplets are sprayed onto the paper's surface. Through using this method, this painting looks more realistic than other paintings because of the great degree of detail and smooth transitions of color gradients. Viewers might be amazed by the use of colors and brush strokes, which enlivens the whole painting. This painting is based on an apple tree which is heavy with fruits. The red apples are set within the background filled with blue, yellow and green dots. They set each other off beautifully and form a harmonious existence of all mutual authentic. The background consists with three colors—blue, yellow and green. In particular, the yellow is the most eye-catching. It not only appears on the leaves. There are also some yellow flowers in front of the apple tree. The flowers in front of the apple tree are mostly pink, purple and red, which give people warm, lively feelings. Three colors bring out the best in each other because they complement each other. Though the painter used a lot of colors, they will not appear disorderly and unsystematic. Instead, altogether they form a harmonious and wonderful picture.


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