Appreciation to Creation of Adam

The form processing with the plump body and simple background, static and dynamic two groups, and other relative organization, one and many, the creation record centralized this moment. Once God waked up Adam, the rationality became the unstoppable "machine" of human consciousness. Adam lethargy to reclining on a hillside and his strong body was set off in deep soil, full of youthful and soft. His right arm leaned on the hillside, right leg extended and the left leg distorted naturally. His head was mournful revealing a desire, feebly slightly bent. His left arm depended on the left knee towards God. God flied towards whose left arm was surrounded a few small angels. His face was no longer the dignified manner that issued the order, but a sad and kind mood. He stared at Adam: his first creation. His fingers touched Adam's fingers and perfuse the divine soul. At this point, we noted that Adam not only vigorously moved to his creator, but also tried hard to shift to Eve, because he had seen the upcoming Eve under the left arm of God. We followed Adam's eyes and also had a glimpse of the beautiful Eve. Her eyes were bright and charming which were secretly squint Adam on the floor. A static painting also depicted two different levels of the plot and reproduced the full meaning of the man God made.

Creation of Adam

Creation of Adam

In the Genesis zenith painting, Creation of Adam was the most attractive one. The upper right of the painting was a wise elder surrounded by angels, flying to Adam; the lower left was Adam who was nakedly lying in a green hillock. In the creation of the painting, Michelangelo made some changes to the original story plot. He changed the life soul which should be blown to Adam by God into the scene that God handed out to be connected to extend to the hand of Adam. Adam in the painting seemed to wake up from sleep and looked up at the LORD God. His upper body was slightly up because the coming of the LORD God, showing the desire to get wisdom and strength to look in the eyes. The left hand was slowly towards the LORD God, almost contacting with the hands stretched out to the LORD God. The spark of life would jump from the LORD God fingertips to the fingers of Adam. This was the most important moment to create human life. But the little space between the two fingers was always retained by Michelangelo. He let the viewers use their own thinking to fill it. In the viewer's exchange on this point, Michelangelo had been very smart.

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