Characteristics of A Dream

A Dream has a bright overall tone, direct and multiple lines to fully express the female body. The cutting of the woman's face in the painting is a kind of technique of cubism performance. The woman shows a serene and gentle facial expression. From this, we know she must have a sweet sleep, making people have a drowsy feeling. But her body is not very coordinated with too narrow upper and lower half. Two arms depicted by tow lines bow to the front. The woman looks so weak that she completely falls asleep. Women's T-shirt is sketched out with a few pale green lines and her two smooth and straight breasts are so charming to show the real woman body texture. The necklace in woman's neck created with red and yellow is so prominent, giving people the visual impact.


A Dream

A Dream

The whole painting gives people a very comfortable visual effect and highly coordinated colors. The coordinated usage of colors makes the whole picture with a dream of artistic conception. "No matter I am frustrated or happy, I always according to my own hobby to arrange everything. A painter loves a blonde girl, how weird if they are not coordinated with those fruit and not included in the drawing! I only take what I love into my pictures. In the past, the painting is gradually completed by progressive ways. And something new is produced every day. Thus a painting is a sum of additive. As for me, a painting is like a subtraction. After I finish a picture, then I will destroy it. But all in all, there is no loss, just like the red part I have erased will appear in another place. I hope people will never know how to draw out my works. Therefore I only want my works to show the passion only", Picasso said. Picasso's life is so rich and his works will be interpreted by people and his spirit will be learned. Everyone should have their own thoughts and confirm their unique ideas to find your own dream belonging to you. The aesthetic experience and implications conveyed by A Dream are as incredible as dreamy things.


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