Fat is Another Scenery of Beauty—A Brief Talk About Fernando Botero and His Paintings

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

Had a brief view of Fernando Botero's paintings, I crushed on them, suddenly found that the fat figure can be so cartooned and cute, which is really another scenery of beauty. Fernando Botero is a South American painter and sculptor who born into a poor family of Medellin, Columbia on 1932. Same to many great painters, his growing background have a great influence to his painting creations.

In art history, no matter oil painting, or sculpture, the stress of body figure is muscular, powerful, well-proportioned. But there are two characters in the portraiture paintings of Fernando, which are the similar countenances, the exaggerated body figures. To Fernando, who looks the painting as the reformation from the reality but not only the copy of the reality or the realistic paintings. At the same time, his paintings are not just as the funny items to viewers; we also can find the satire and mock on some society affairs through them. The themes of his painting include all kinds of types, such as Dead Bishops (the figures overlying lifeless like cookies), the president, and the famous painting icon like Mona Lisa age 12, Mona Lisa 1978 and so on. Through his paintings, we see new scenery of beauty is obesity, which reminds me of the Dang Dynasty when looked the fat as the beauty. On the other hand, Fernando also does great efforts in colors using to his painting works, so that we see diversities and changes with the "cartoon style"in his paintings.

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