Introduction to A Dream

A Dream was one of important works of Pablo Picasso during his mid-term period. When the painter had a new love, his painting style would change. And in this period, he quite liked lively, comparative and intense colors, and used the combination of flatten and dimensional as the techniques. A Dream was his portrayal of a sentimental experience when Picasso and Teresa met in the train station in early 1927. In this painting, the portrait and drawing of Teresa was full of sexy colors. In 1927, Picasso who was already 47 years old met Teresa with long blonde hair and plump body who was only 17 years old for the first time. Since then, this girl had become a new painting and sculpture model of Picasso. 17 years later, 64-year-old Picasso gave her birthday letter and said, "For me, today is your 17-year-old birthday. Although 17 years has passed, to meet with you is the real beginning of my life in this world."

A Dream

A Dream

This painting was made in 1932. It could be said that this painting was the most perfect embodiment of Picasso's mental and physical love. A Dream was also known as Sleeping Woman on Red Armchair, only using contour lines to depict the female body in front of a red background. The woman body was not given great decomposition, only with a little exaggerated division and very simple colors. This painting was a product of Picasso using cubism to portray female body and new classical style, and was also a masterpiece of free combination of lines and colors with extreme freedom.

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