Learn from Van Gogh

He is not respected by people when he was alive. But everyone praise him when he was dead. He used the brush to describe the interjection of life. Also he used the paints to give people endless shock. Gauguin, Cezanne and he were called as the representative of the impressionism. Yes! He is Van Gogh.

Van Gogh was born in a not so rich priest family in Holland. He likes drawing from his childhood. He not became a priest as his father. And he not became an art dealer follow his uncles' steps. But he became an artist instead of priest. Nowadays, people fight for his works by high price. He spent most of his time in France for his life. But whatever in the flourishing Paris or in the poor and remote village,all his life is not smooth and his paints is not popular. After the starting of impressionism by Monet Impression Sunrise, Van Gogh started to emphasize the painting skill of light and color. Also he got acquainted with Gauguin, Renoir and some fameless artists. But the painting style of the post impressionism is against and looked down on by the art World. Then Van Gogh moved to Provence in the south of France. Because he painted the whole day under the sunshine, he got the sunshine disease. Also due to the long time of poorness and unlucky in the career, he ended his life by gun at last.

Fishing In Spring

Fishing In Spring

However, Van Gogh only sold one picture when he was alive. But in case of that, he never gave up the deep enthusiasm which is moved to me.  His career did not bring him any income. He should depend on his young brother's support to make a living. But he would rather drink water and eat bread, even suffer hunger. He also wanted to pay the small cost of living for the paints and canvas. How many people had experience this kind of hardship? What an admirable persistence! What we should sigh is the works by the post impressionism praised highly after the death of Van Gogh. This famous artist can not be accepted when he was alive. He tasted the hardship and  cruelty of life. Moreover valuable is that Van Gogh did not seen the difficulty as a burden. He always faced the life positively.

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