Mary Magdalene with a Night Light by Georges de la Tour

Georges De La Tour was called the French master of “light” in the 17th century. Mary Magdalene with a Night Light holding a skull was Georges de la Tour famous painting. Maria Magdalene at Mirror had the very close relationship with this work. The both works were concerning the image of Mary Magdalene in the bible, who stroked her chin and was indulge in meditation under the dim light. Like La Tour’s other works, Mary Magdalene with a Night Light was filled with La Tour's depression and loneliness.

This Tenebrism painting’s composition was rigorous with sculptural fulfillment. His delicate expression of the inner world of the characters reflected his keen observation. In the control of color brightness, he was mature with the luminous performance of the burning candles, with extreme realistic portrayal of changes of light and shadow. His unique style gave a profound feeling to the whole painting, which made people think of the art in the 15th century (Caravaggio had a decisive impact on him in the process of light). His works in his whole life described the mysterious darkness.

The painting appeared the candle light, oil lamp or the unknown light. The object’s light position was very bright, with dark background and strong contrast to show a mysterious moving atmosphere. Like other artists, La Tour also painted many paintings of Maria Magdalene. In all the Magdalene Maria's paintings, La Tour's works were naive. His works only had the sober, calm and sad reflections, which were unlike other works full of worldly pleasures and gorgeous dresses.

Mary Magdalene With A Night Light 1635

Mary Magdalene With A Night Light 1635

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