Oil Painter Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall was born in a small town of western Russian. His father was a common laborer, but he was determined to cultivate his son to be a knowledgeable Rabbi. Therefore, Chagall had been learning Jewish classic in the Jewish School of Economics before the age of 16.

But he had a unique interest in painting since he was very young, and showed acuminous observation ability. When his mother discovered that, she decisively made him to learn painting. A few months later, he left home for St. Petersburg to seek splendid painting skills when he found that his teacher was inferior to him. He also went to Paris and some other places for observation and communication with the master and finally became a great master in painting.

The Big Wheel

The Big Wheel

Most of his performances expressed the life of the Jewish who lived in Russian. He himself also kept an intimate relationship with Jewish culture and religion. He said that, "If I was not a Jew, then I would never become a painter. Maybe I would become a person who was totally different from me. The only requirement in my life is not striving to attain the level of Rembrandt or other world artists but spare no effort to attain the spirit of my fathers and grandfathers."

His works are colorful, peculiar, he always blent the Jewish folklore into the works, and most of his materials were derived from the naive and unadorned nature.

He was the artist who pursuit of innocent simplicity. After the baptisms and experiments of cubism and surrealism, he developed his own unique style and occupied an important position in the history of modern painting.



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