Rain Steam and Speed the Great Western Railway

Rain Steam And Speed The Great Western Railway

Rain Steam And Speed The Great Western Railway

In landscape paintings Turner was committed to the pursuit of light effects, such as fog, steam, sun, fire, water and light. The moving mass and rising fireworks of the composition of works showed almost abstract painting rhythm.Rain Steam and Speed the Great Western Railwaywas the most representative work.

One day in 1843, Turner took an express train with a fast speed, a heavy downpour and mist out of the window. After the consent of Mrs. Simon sitting the opposite seat, he suddenly opened the window to look out of the window, motionlessly observed and experience blurred view out of the window. After a long time, he withdrew his soaked body and never minded to close his eyes to image how to make what he had experienced into the painting. One year later, Mrs. Simon saw this painting in an art exhibition in London. And she heard a lot of discussions from people. Some criticized, "I have never seen so absurd painting." Mrs. Simon turned to the person and said "I have seen".

The composition of this painting  and performance really strange, and traditional descriptive far apart.British writer Thackeray said this picture is rain scraper on canvas the dirty spots to performance, the dim light from the very thick chrome yellow block under fluoroscopic out, painting is just a kind of rain, steam and speed in mixed feelings.

All the sights of the painting were false or true. Constable praised that Turner's works were like "the golden phantom which were splendid and magnificent even with no entity. It was the real art. It was worth living or dying for such kind of art".



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