Teach You How to Allocate the Most Practical Megilp

The production method used in most classical oil paintings is complex. Here I would like to introduce some simple methods without heating. As long as you go to any of the art stores with the sufficient supply, you can buy the raw materials. Its production process is very simple. Just pour the raw materials into the pot and then constantly stir and shake them until all the ingredients are slowly fused. Of course I think the megilp after heating has the better effect, but because not everyone has the time and patience for the modulation, many choices given here are necessary. You can find the most suitable for you through the practice.

Ralph Mel has introduced the following production methods in his famous work Artist’s Notes. He believes that these methods are most suitable for the needs of the public. He also stresses the quantity of light and oil can be adjusted based on the artist's personal needs. Adding more turpentine oil can make the color with more liquidity.

Mature oil—0.03 liters

Dama light oil-0.03 liters

Pure pine gum - 0.15 liters

Cobalt drier -15 drops

The following megilp has the higher Dama light oil is added some Venice turpentine. Producing this megilp also uses the volume with the proportion. As Dama light oil is able to accelerate the drying process, so the cobalt desiccant can be omitted.

Dama light oil -9 pieces

Turpentine oil -9 pieces

Cooked oil -4 pieces

Venice oil -2 pieces (9:9:4:2)

Mel believes that the thick oil (made by the sun) dries faster than the cooked oil. He gives the following steps for “light oil”. I think this “light oil” is only suitable for those transparent or translucent paintings with strong flowing sense.

Dama light oil -4 pieces

Thick flax seed oil -2 pieces

Venice turpentine -1 pieces

Turpentine -4 pieces (4:2:1:4)

The light oil is easier than Dama light oil to buy, so you might want to use the light oil to replace Dama oil when making the above several megilps. These two kinds of oil are called the soft rosin, which is easily dissolved in turpentine. Therefore no matter which kind of material is used to make the megilp, the effect is basically the same.


Hand Painted Oil Painting Landscape - Set of 2 1211-LS0073

Hand Painted Oil Painting Landscape - Set of 2 1211-LS0073

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