Brief Introduction of Chinese Famous Painter-Xu Beihong and His Works

Xu Beihong, One Chinese painting master in modern China, who was born into a poor family on 1895 in Jiangsu, and died of cerebral hemorrhage on 1953. In his childhood, he was educated by his father Xu Dazhang, who was a painter, calligrapher, poet, seal carving expert. In other words, his father was the abecedarian to Xu Beihong of his versatilities, and had a great influence to Xu's creating works. And in Xu's nonage, he used to go abroad to learn painting twice. The first time (1917), he went to Japan to learn the basic knowledge and techniques of painting. The second time (1919-1927), he went to Paris to study sketch painting and oil painting. In Paris study period, he also traveled several European countries, viewing western arts. It is most well known that Mr. Xu was a great modern Chinese painter, but he was an educator and teacher also. Before his study in abroad, he was teaching painting in several schools of Naking. Returning to China in 1927, successively are appointed Shanghai nanguo art academy of fine arts, national central university, Beijing university professor, dean of the college of art.

Horse - Chinese Painting

Horse - Chinese Painting

From Mr. Xu's early-age experience, it is easily find that he was good at not only the traditional Chinese paintings, but also oil painting, sketch painting. He was a first one who introduced the western paintings to China, and took the western painting techniques into traditional Chinese paintings. Meanwhile his drawings and paintings is penetrated into the Chinese paintings and lasting appeal. There are lots of his works reflecting this painting style, such as Five Hundred Persons of Tianheng, How the Fool Moved MountainsXi Wo Hou and so on. His early works like before ones not only revealed his mature painting features, but also reflected his patriotic and sympathy complex for Chinese people due to the age he lived. Let's do not forget the horse paintings which are known to common people. People will think of his horse paintings when talking about Mr. Xu. Actually, he did a great job on horse painting, the horse under his pen, revealing the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting and rigorous style in western arts, but also showing the strength, power and spirit to audience, that is why the horse paintings from Mr. Xu is well popular in the world.


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