Chinese Beautiful Figures Paintings

Chinese figure painting strives to indicate vivid people's character by the render of environments, atmospheres, bodies and actions, then make a person a unity of form and spirit. Besides imagines of Buddhism and Taoism, emperors and beauties are also the main subjects in figure painting.

Noble Ladies in Tang Dynasty

Noble Ladies in Tang Dynasty

"Noble Ladies in Tang Dynasty" are a serial of Chinese figure paintings drawn by Zhang Xuan and Zhou Fang, two of the most influential figure painters during the Tang dynasty (618–907), when the paintings of noble ladies became very popular.

The paintings depict the leisurely, lonely and peaceful life of the ladies at court, who are shown to be beautiful, dignified and graceful. Zhang Xuan was famous for integrating lifelikeness and casting a mood when painting life scenes of noble families. Zhou Fang was known for drawing the full-figure court ladies with soft and bright colors.

The paintings are spread around in the collections of museums nationwide.


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