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Painting of Dragon in Chinese Mythology

The dragon is the largest supernatural creature in Chinese mythology and embodies strength and symbolizes a supernatural force. It is the highest auspicious image of art in China and the leader of all living things. The dragon is capable of … Continue reading

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Chinese Chicken Paintings

The chicken has been the symbol of valiancy in Chinese paintings since ancient times for it eats five poisonous creatures: centipede, poisonous snake, scorpion, toad, and spider as well as eliminate plague and drive away evil spirit. The Chinese also attribute five virtues … Continue reading

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Who is the Master in Shrimp Chinese Paintings?

Shrimp live in both fresh water and salt water. Shrimp is one of delicious food all over the world. Their appearances, features of vivid, transparent, and energetic, are beautiful but not easy to be captured in Chinese paintings. In China, lobster … Continue reading

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Chinese Tiger Painting

Tiger is the king in mountains. Chinese people believe that they have the function of dispelling disasters and evil, and protecting their residences, and they also symbolize courage and power. Auspicious &Fengshui Meaning Chinese Tiger Painting in twelve Chinese zodiac: represents auspiciousness, … Continue reading

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