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Canvas Sets

Canvas Wall Art

Selamat Datang di Artisoo set lukisan kanvas! Artisoo menawarkan pilihan besar set lukisan kanvas , mulai dari set kanvas abstrak , set kanvas hewan, set kanvas botani, set kanvas landscape ,set kanvas figurin dan set kanvas still-life. Setiap set lukisan minyak dibuat di atas kanvas oleh seniman berpengalaman kami dengan bahan yang terbaik,di studio kami menekankan pentingnya estetika, teknik dan gaya. Kami berjanji bahwa Anda akan benar-benar puas dengan set lukisan kanvas yang dicat-tangan kami.

Artisoo.com mengundang Anda untuk menelusuri dunia menarik dari seni set kanvas dengan pilihan set subjek, warna dan lebar. Anda bisa memilih salah satu favorit Anda sesuai dengan tema di atas dan mereka semua tangan dilukis oleh seniman kami dengan harga terjangkau. Membumbui suasana rumah Anda dengan set lukisan kanvas, mulai sekarang!

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Abstract Canvas Sets


With an abstract canvas painting set, instead of a re-creation of still life, you are able to enjoy and interpret the artist's take on things. These abstract canvas painting set will intrigue and inspire you, and brighten any room you decide to put them in. Place them in your living room to freshen up a traditional room or choose something that will inspire you or pick one and use it as the center of your interior decorating idea. It will be sure to appeal many visitors for their mysterious abstract meaning that the artist wants to show.

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Animals Canvas Sets


Animal art even enter culture of human beings and become the theme of literature, drawings, music and so on. People like animals. Therefore, Artisoo animal canvas painting set artists provide artworks of animals. Each of them is vivid and prominent; Artisoo artists bring artistic value and depictive feeling together to provide you amazingly wonderful animal canvas painting set. Just browse our animal canvas sets; we are sure you can find your favorite one.

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Botanical Canvas Sets


From contemporary floral to garden scene, whatever flower you love, including orchids, lilies, roses, poppies, sunflowers, or simply vases of flowers, we are sure you will find a botanical-patterned canvas painting set here. Our Botanical art collection is perfect for any wall or room where you want to achieve peace and tranquility. In the winter botanical canvas sets can bring you the blossoming scenes of spring helping you to remember the nice weather, blooming plants, and fresh air of the springtime plants.

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Landscapes Canvas Sets


Landscape oil paintings are a timeless decorating idea that allows individuals to take a trip they have never experienced. Landscape paintings by famous artists of snow topped mountains or classic country lanes can serve as nostalgic reminders of the past or offer tranquility. Such landscapes also offer temporary serenity and joy for those eagerly waiting to visit a destination that finances or personal obligations keep them from traveling too.

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People Canvas Sets


People canvas sets refer to the painting which depicts human image. It may be classified into head portrait paintings, half length portrait, full length portrait and group portraits, etc. Artist take the existing figures as the objects emphasizes the depicting of the specific features of appearance and inherent charm, thus requires painter to portray the appearance, bodily form, manner, costume and background of the picture to portrait truly and vividly in order to convey the spirit, status, nationality, fashion of the time and reflect the thoughts and feelings of the artists.

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Still Life Canvas Sets

Still Life

A still life painting is the study of inanimate objects. These objects are typically those of the everyday and include plants, fruit, vegetables, dishes, soup cans and more. But, perhaps even more importantly, a key feature of still life art work is the degree of control that the artist can exercise over the work. The elements that make up a still life can be arranged or composed by the artist at will; the lighting can be redirected. Still Life subjects have fascinated artists for centuries.

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Black/White/Sepia Canvas Sets


Black & White often express a feeling of nostalgia or history. Another color that matches this feeling perfectly is Sepia. Sepia will give the painting an old rustic look. This is possible due to Sepia making use of the color brown. A black and white canvas set complemented by brown coloring and shades will give it a true nostalgic expression. Black/White & Sepia is an excellent style for making portraits of your loved ones or capturing historic events.

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Cool Canvas Sets

Cool Colors

Cool colors are blue and green and everything in between. These colors have a calming effect and represent comfort and nurturing. Purple is also considered a cool color even though it contains the warm color red. Cool colors canvas sets can make a person feel more relaxed and restful because they give off a quiet feeling. Each different color will also give an extra effect. The color green gives off the feeling of healing, growth, youth and freshness. Adding the color blue will add calmness and quality.

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Multicolor Canvas Sets


It is known the color can affect the mood of a person. The colors we choose can affect how we act, think and feel. Therefore it is important to consider the personality of color when choosing a painting's color scheme. There are many different colors like warm or cool colors. Warm colors are colors with warm undertones such as red, yellow, and orange. These colors are radiant and cozy. On the other hand there are colors with cool undertones such as purple, blue and green.

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Warm Canvas Sets

Warm Colors

In nature, warm colors represent change as in the changing of the seasons or the eruption of a volcano. When people see warm colors they feel lively and energetic. People feel warm when they look at warm colors because they possess all the qualities of warmth in that they are hot, stimulating and soothing to our emotions.
With warm colors canvas painting sets like red or orange, you may perceive large spaces to be more intimate.

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40cm - 70cm Canvas Sets

40cm - 70cm

70cm - 100cm Canvas Sets

70cm - 100cm

100cm - 150cm Canvas Sets

100cm - 150cm

150cm - 200cm Canvas Sets

150cm - 200cm

200cm or More Canvas Sets

200cm or More

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