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Impressionism Oil Paintings

Impressionism Oil paintings

Impressionist art has been the style in which an artist is capturing the object's image as somebody sees it as if they simply caught a glimpse of that thing. Artists paint pictures with various colors and most of the images have been outdoor scenes. The pictures are usually vibrant and bright as the artists wish to capture images without details but only bold colors.

The Founders

This society has been founded in order to break with official art. Official theory that should drop pure color on a canvas than of mixing on a palette is respected by some artists for only several years. The truth is that impressionism is more on state of the mind rather than a technique. For this reason, artists were qualified as impressionists.

Stanislas Lepine, the Dutch Jongkind, and Eugene Boudin belong to the movement forerunners. In 1858, Boudin met Honfleur Claude Monet. Boudin brought him to the shore and gave Monet different colors. There, he taught him about observing the changes of lights on Seine estuary. During those years, Boudin is just a minor painter of Pardon de Sainte-Anne-la-Palud, however, still on a process of being installewd on a Normandy coast for him to paint the Le Havre beach and Trouville beach.

Impressionist Artists

Some great impressionist artists had been Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, Berthe Morisot, Edouard Manet, and Camille Pissaro. Manet had influenced the impressionism development as he painted objects in everyday living. Sisley and Pissaro had foucsed on French river scenes and countryside. Degas loved painting horse races and ballet dancers while Morisot used to pain women performing daily tasks. Renoir preferred painting the sunlight effect on figures and flowers. There are actually numerous impressionist artists that can be seen and each of them has distinct approach in painting their masterpiece.

Nowadays, impressionism painting is characterized by both the technique and the subject matter. Scenes from suburban and modern life and landscapes are commonly painted in pure and bright colors. Most of the time, the rapidly applied brush strokes have been visible and they are painted outdoors than in studio.

Impressionist paintings belong to the best-loved and well-known art collections. It actually requires a good imagination for the viewers to realize the radical movement considered during its days.

It is no surprise that impressionism painting became an extremely famous artwork of all time. This is because the subjects have been uncomplicated and pleasing.

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