A Brief Talk about Abstract Oil Painting

Abstract oil painting originated from abstract art, which is some kind of art style. However, abstract art is not sprang from the twentieth century, during which period abstract oil painting came out, developed and went grown. Abstract art has a mysterious and long history tied in a hundred and one ways with Judaism and Islam. Although viewers can feel frenzy, fantastic, and exaggerated, hardly can one associate it with forbidden protocols by Judaism and Islam. Just because people were prohibited from depicting human being on canvas, they created abstract art style in which way human and objects were absurd and obscure images in artworks unexpectedly. From then on, abstract art has been developing as a profound art style; and oil painting is one of the most important manners of this art style.

Autumn in Bavaria

Autumn in Bavaria

Abstract oil painting could be dated from early twentieth century authentically. Unlike these conventional schools of painting, abstract oil painting seems to be irrational, frenzy, and even in chaos; we can not define it as something may be understood or not briefly. Nevertheless, all the different characteristics from conventions make abstract oil painting much more attractive on the contrary. Viewers like this art style not only because of its novelty, but also by virtue of its art profundity. Rooted from cogitation of human nature, abstract oil painting can grasp every viewer's soul and then guide them to the secret garden of their deep heart.

Nowadays, there are more and more artists and art critics focus on abstract oil painting. Quantities of online shopping websites such as Artisoo gallery offer oil paintings for art enthusiasts.

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