Blossoming Dazzling Flower- Romanticism Oil Painting

Although romanticism movement began during the same period as classicism, it is completely different from conventional classicism movement. Mainly focusing on art and literature, romanticism movement developed as mushrooms after the rain, with the trend which cannot be halted. Therefor, oil painting as one of the most important art styles unfolds its gorgeous artistic charm to human being due to its creator. Romanticism artists made almighty nature, colorful mortal life and admirable normal people stand vividly revealed on their painting canvas. Wheel of history has rolled by more than two hundred years; artworks of romanticism style are still kept as glaring and eternal images in viewers' eyes.



Just like the famous romantic oil painting Liberty Leading People, no matter the viewers are from what ranks, they would feel some kind of unchained melody rooted from the yelling of human’s deep soul. Romanticism artists were always keeping an appreciation on everlasting nature, particularly on the pure and undeveloped part. Comparing with classicism oil painting, romanticism oil painting shows rebelling and revolting spirit of human being. Romanticism painting primarily sprang in France during the eighteenth to the nineteenth century; therefore, the most famous and essential romanticism painting masters are almost french, such as Eugène Delacroix, Theodore Gericault and so on. Influenced by the Renaissance and humanism, these art masters reveal freedom, passion and pure love on canvas.

Despite to abstract oil painting, romanticism oil painting alter abstract fantasy and meditation into live and visual art images which strongly attract the soul of viewers. As art lovers, people like to choose some romanticism oil painting copies to decorate their home; some art websites sells wonderful oil painting products, for example a Artisoo Gallery.

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