The Lovers in the Lilac

Lovers in the Lilacs

Lovers In The Lilacs

The 22-year old Marc Chagall returned home again after he left one year ago. But there weren't many beautiful memories of the hometown as he was born in a poor Jewish family.

It was a vague and boring day as ever before. Then a girl named Bella came into his front. She was just only a ten-year old girl he met in a friend's home, however the emergence of this girl made the dreamy hometown into a heaven with sweet perfume. He could not help thinking that they were really made for each other.

He finally proposed to the grown, beautiful girl after six years of waiting.

He had been creating dreamy works with her. As long as they were together, he could fly in the sky, speak to all living creatures and even meet the angel dropping from the sky. He never felt lacking inspirations, he just painted as they were together.

If the dream is actually colorful, doesn't it like the painting of Chagall?

The suspended lovers were sleeping sweetly on the bloomy lilacs. The branches were sharp-pointed and coarse, but they were very happy as if they were lying on spongy clouds. Indeed, for the lovers, as long as they loved each other, where not the tender land.

They were totally free from the gravity. The natural laws absolutely could not imprison his inspirations as he was creating dreamy imagines with his lover. The moon in the painting also had completely become the decoration of the lovers.

Maybe the dream they had was exactly the same with the painting.

Chagall had been companying his wife in the sweet process of creation, I'm afraid he was the most exemplary husband in the world. But they could not grow old together proves that God is fair to all beings again.

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