Lady in Blue

Lady In Blue (Portrait Of The Artist Yelizaveta Martynova)

Lady In Blue (Portrait Of The Artist Yelizaveta Martynova)

The woman in blue was created by the famous Russian painter Konstantin Somov from 1897 to 1900.

Somov (1869-1939) was the main representative figure of the arisen "Art world" of Russia from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, but he turned toward modernist later. He learned painting from the top teaches Chistiakov and Repin in the Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg, and then he went to Paris to learn from Carol Ross and obtained the academician title in 1913.

His father Andre Somov was a historian, oil-painter and literary theorist. His famous works were "The biography of painter Card Briullov"and "The biography of Pa Fedotov". He hold the position of header pipe of the Hermitage Museum from 1886, he was really a very brilliant and smart figure.

It was said that the woman wearing a blue dress in the painting was his admiration, the female painter Martti Nova who died because of lung disease. He was indulge in the fantasy past and his memorial old lover, and took the blue dressed woman as the symbol of Muse. Her dysphoric facial expressions and chasmal eyes implied sadness. Her yellow skin indicated the end of her life. The novel in her right hand was going to be throwing away hinted the disappearance of all the colorful visions. This work was the representative of the "Art world", and the symbol of aesthetics and art creeds.

This portrait was depicted in a realistic way by the painter. Before the dark green background, the blue dressed woman was elegant and demure. She stood before the tree with graceful gestures, tranquil face. It was exactly the casual performance revealed the qualities of the woman.

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