Fresh Eggs 1874 by Winslow Homer

It is a typical moment for the day of a farmers in the countryside. There, in the frame, is a maid in a white spots and black dress with brown gauze clothing and a cock with brown and dark feathers. What a great coincidence! The dresses on the maid are made so much like the cock’s dress, which is totally accordance with Winslow Homer oil painting style at that time. An unknown tool is put in front of the maid. The maid with a brown, tied-up hair stands by leaving her back behind to us while she is taking fresh eggs from the nest of hens to the basket in her left hand. The basket is put on a wooden barrel where there is a wooden frame lying down beside. The coop is covered by a great amount of straw. What’s more, a pile of straw stands much high at the right side. The cock stands by, watching the maid collecting fresh eggs one by one, which seems to be its daily work. Some black signs are painted at the back ball, which made the whole painting much lively. Lights get through a small crack at the back wall while more sunshine gets in through the gate.

The whole painting is made so vivid and lively that we can easily learn what a life in countryside is like. Colors in it are such simple and coordinated that makes people have comfortable and joyful feeling while appreciating. Fresh eggs 1874, which is made by Winslow Homer when he focused his paintings on countryside life, is undoubtedly a great piece.

Fresh Eggs 1874

Fresh Eggs 1874

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