Bordeaux Wine by Monet Will Show Up in Shanghai

As one of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, The Master of Impressionism: Monet Exhibition will be held at chi K11 art space of Shanghai K11 Shopping and Arts Center in 8th, March. The exhibits include 40 authentic paintings of Monet, 12 works of other impressionists and 3 items that Monet used during his lifetime (glasses, tobacco pipe, and palette). The exhibition will last for 15th, June.

According to information, the exhibits of this show come from Musée Marmottan-Monet in Paris and will be showed as 5 topics, including "Monet’s Friends: the Friend Circle of Impressionism", "Monet's Paintings: the Time He First Displays His Talent", "Monet's Travel: Catching Different Lights and Shadows", "Monet’s Garden: the Perfect Masterpiece at Giverny", "Monet's Twilight Years: the Peak Stage of Impressionism". In the exhibiting section of "Monet's Paintings: the Time He First Displays His Talent", there will show a rarely seen colorful paintings, Bordeaux Wine, which painted during the teenage time of Monet.

Monet Bordeaux Wine

Monet Bordeaux Wine

Bordeaux Wine was finished in 1857, when Monet was only 17 years old. On the painting, there is an erected oak barrel with a bunch of grapes and a wine bottle on its top. A human’s head grows up on the top of bottle--he has red faces, big ears, and bold head, which looks like the image of San Mao, a cartoon character created by Zhang Leping. On the surface of oak barrel, which in the lower part of painting screen, is written by Bordeaux. The shape of the bottle looks irregular, and hasn’t developed to the straight type now we know.

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