Platz in Argenteuil by Alfred Sisley

Alfred Sisley created Platz in Argenteuil in 1872, which is collected in Orsay Museum in Paris, France now. As an Impressionist, Sisley is considered as the most consistent one who never deviated into figure painting. He was the purest impressionist painter who insisted on the original painting idea. Throughout his life, he created about 900 works, most of them are landscape paintings. From these paintings, we can see his passion and emotion for nature. He captured the beauty of nature scenery by using superb skills and employing the light and color vividly.

In this painting, we can see that the blue sky is clear decorated with a few misty faint clouds. Houses in the street are bathed in the sunshine, some roofs are brown while some are blue. Several people walk in the street. During Sisley painting career, he attached importance to subtle colour and precise detail, seeking to capture an atmosphere of a particular time of day or the effects of different weather conditions on the landscape to capture fleeting moments and effects.

platz in argenteuil 1872

platz in argenteuil 1872

Platz in Argenteuil is one of the remarkable series of landscapes of Argenteuil Sisley made when he lived there. During his career, Sisley kept a passionate interest in the sky, which almost always dominates most of his paintings due to his early admiration for Corot. He did not promote himself in the way that other Impressionists did, for that reason, he did not receive recognition from people he deserved until he died of cancer of the throat.

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