Girl on a Swing, Weaving Dream

Girl on a Swing is a watercolor painted by Winslow Homer in 1879, who was born in Boston and is considered to be the greatest American painter of the nineteenth century. Maybe because his mother had a gift in watercolorist, his art talent was on display early but did not receive formal training. In Winslow Homer paintings, Homer prefers to show the relationship between human beings and nature with strong, clear images matched the scenery.

There was one figure, a tree and maybe small grassland in the picture. The main character was a girl on a pink dress, whose hair was brown and long enough to touch the ground that looks like a small branch from the tree. The rope was tied tightly to one of the thick branch as to be a simple swing which might be made of the girl’s family or herself. She was on the swing, grasping the rope by her hands while a breeze blowing her dress. She was looking ahead in a peaceful smile. This situation was so familiar that remind me of childhood, when innocent children always like to hang out and play on a swing. It has so much fun.

The picture was bright, comfortable and remindful and meaningful, which showed Homer’s painting style and his excellent painting skills. The girl in pink was clear and prominent, and the environment covered with various green levels was so much matched with the theme, which gives impression about the harmonious relationship between human being and nature.

Girl on a Swing

Girl on a Swing

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