Flora in Titian's Works

 Flora is a representative work of Titian. Flora was the nymph of the Greek mythology. The Italian make the day from April 28 to May 3 as their annual Flora festival, people get together happily to have fun during the festive season. People decorate themselves and the animals with a variety of flowers. The environment is also covered with flowers. The Flora will appear when people get together. The flora is usually played by the young and pretty girls with flowers. Painters love to use the nymph in the mythology to express their own aesthetic ideas and convey the feelings and thoughts of human nature and love.



This work is with strong and intense topicality, the beauty of Venice in the oil painting was holding a bunch of flowers. The whole image was like the blossoming flowers, which makes people couldn't help admiring. It was said that the beauty in the picture was the lover of the painter. He just borrowed the name of Flora to express his admiration for his sweetheart. The beauty turned to look down, dedicated and contemplative. It seemed that because of the turning action, her loose underwear fell naturally. The plump breasts appeared, the golden hair sprinkled on the round shoulders, in sharp contrast to the full life body. The robust body revealed the youth vigor. The entire image gives audiences a sense of elegant and solemn.

Titian was a great colorist, he emphasized on colorific harmony and painting should be subordinated to the needs of color and lights. Painting not only to portray the texture of the object but also to shape the body structure and convey emotions. We can't see visible brushwork and colors in the picture, there was just a picture with real hair, flesh body and clothes heaving in sight. The rhythms between them were like a beautiful and harmony symphony.

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