Venus and Adonis By Titian

Venus and Adonis

Venus and Adonis

This oil painting depicted that Venus embraced Adonis who was walking away with all her love. But this handsome youth was never tempted to this beautiful girl. His fast and rapid momentum almost made Venus fall to the ground. The poor Venus lost all the magic love. The landing tank was designed to take the water for Adonis. The little goddess of love fell asleep and was unable to make love to the mother of God. This was a song of praise which combined the beauty of human body and natural scenery, even the animal images became alive and the color and light got richer. All of these reflected the aesthetic ideal of Venice school in the pursuit of pleasure.

From the myths and legends, the sculptor o Marion fell in love with the ivory woman that he carved by himself. For the sake of his love, Venus gave the ivory woman with life. She and the sculptor gave birth to a son named Kany Cisi. He and Xikilisi gave birth to a daughter Myrrha who was ridiculed by the fate. She loved her father and and got pregnant. At the end, she felt very shameful and died, becoming a tree. Soon, the tree burst and gave birth to a child named Adonis who was beloved by Venus. But Adonis who was born due to his mother's incest decided to refuse all love. Venus strained every nerve to her courtship, but she still did not get the love she had desired.


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