Artwork The Large Bathers

Pierre Auguste Renoir is one of the most renowned impressionist painters. He is famous for his figure paintings, especially his female nudes. His works are noted to express a signature softness and bright colors. People hardly can find themes of pain or religion in his works. Instead, it is easy to feel the warmth of everyday humanity. He thought that a painting should be neither an analysis of light nor a deliberate composition. He pursued natural feelings of light. He is excellent in using bright colors to combine classical tradition with impressionist paintings perfectly. Renoir could make either plump women or innocent children fantastic.

The Large Bathers

The Large Bathers

The Large Bathers is one of his most representative works. Obviously, Renoir attempted to display the naked women who rested by the riverside after bathing. In the foreground, we can see that faces of three bathers are sweet, happy and radiant. They are full of sensual beauty and soft, delicate sensibility. They emit a youthful atmosphere. Meanwhile, we can feel the charm of maturation from them. Their rosy skin shows young women's health and beauty. Renoir used exquisite strokes to create their tender skin and red-blooded bodies, which express the beauty of youth and the happiness of life. In its techniques, he used classical tradition to express three young naked women. However, he used pure impressionist techniques to display the surroundings. It makes a sharp contrast between the delicate and the rough.

Renoir considered women as the concentrated reflection of the beauty of life. Therefore, he conveyed his aesthetic standard through these female nudes, which are full of the beauty of youth and the happiness of life.

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