Chinese Birds and Flowers Painting

Chinese Birds and Flower Painting

The Bird-and-flower painting is peculiar to China. Since ancient times, all kinds of flowers, plants, and birds were given various symbolic meanings. Birds and flowers can be compared to almost all thoughts and feelings of human being. They can symbolize feminine beauty, virtues, political authority, omens, and lucky niceness. And once established, this tradition became popular in every dynasty. Therefore, their symbolic meaning grow increasingly rich and specific.

The symbolism of Chinese bird and flower painting is extraordinary. The choice of a subject matter, whether a peony, lotus, bamboo, orchid or plum, says a lot about you. You don't have to speak loud to draw people's attention. A symbolic Chinese painting in your space says it all on your behalf.

In the Chinese traditional culture, some flowers were given the fixed auspicious Fengshui meaning. For example, peony often symbolizes prosperity or royalty, lotus purity, bamboo integrity, orchid gentleman, and plum brave. While sharing a space with a particular bird-and- flower painting, you convey the message in the most elegant language.

Chinese bamboo paintingsBamboo
Chinese birds paintingsBirds
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Chinese orchid paintingsOrchid
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Chinese four screens birds&flower paintingsFour Screens

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