Chinese Landscape Painting

Chinese Landscape Painting

Chinese landscape painting, is a kind of painting describing natural scenes. The subject of landscape covers scenery like mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, forests, stones, houses, towers, pavilions, boats, bridges, or weather like windy, rainy, snowy and cloudy, as well as four seasons.

Landscape paintings usually centered on mountains. The exquisite Chinese painting--Mountain and river, belongs to Chinese landscape painting. Mountains had long been seen as sacred places in China--the homes of immortals, close to the heavens. Philosophical interest in nature could also have contributed to the rise of landscape painting, including both Daoist stress on how minor the human presence is in the vastness of the cosmos and Neo-Confucian interest in the patterns or principles that underlie all phenomena, natural and social.

Artisoo gallery offers more than 1,000 piece of original Chinese landscape paintings for your selection, including build landscape paintings, mountain and river landscape painting, snow landscape painting, village and country landscape painting ,etc. Landscape paintings will lead you to travel in their imaginations, perhaps the natural antidote to urban or official life.

Chinese buildings paintingsBuildings
Chinese mountains and water paintingsMountains and Water
Chinese mountains paintingsMountains
Chinese snow paintingsSnow
Chinese tree paintingsTree
Chinese village countryside paintingsVillage Countryside
Chinese water township paintingsWater Township
Chinese waterfall paintingsWaterfall
Chinese Four Screens landscape paintingsFour Screens

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