How to Identify Oil Painting ?

The oil painting is broadly divided into three levels: high, medium and low-grade. It is a little bit difficult to identify whether a painting is good or not. Because painting has diverse techniques and expression ways, therefore an amateur finds it rather hard to distinguish the quality of the painting. The painting is not only valued on the materials but also graded on the manifestation way of an artist. I believe we all understand that two painters with different qualifications will make two different works even using the same materials, not to mention the price of the finished works. So when buying painting, we should pay more attention to its content, color and artistic mood. In fact, the quality of a painting has multiple levels, now we just divide it into three levels (high, medium and low-grade) and make an analysis:

Adam And Eve 1932.

Adam And Eve 1932

First, low-grade oil painting is mainly finished by several painters in assembly line, with single expression method, simple colors and little for appreciation.

Second, medium oil painting is independently drawn by the painter with much painting experience (that is to say that the painting is exquisitely made by him from the draft work until completion), with rich contents, vivid colors, unique style and lively depiction.

Third, high-end painting is created by the painter and professor with considerable techniques and skills. High-end painting not only shows the shape, color, technique, but also the artistic mood. For instance, in a high-end landscape painting, we can identify the painting environment including sunny, cloudy, evening, morning, humidity of the air, the atmosphere and the painter's emotions. Thus, a high-end oil painting must be as natural as it were living.

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