Maintenance of Digital Painting

One, upon the completion of digital painting, appropriately brush a layer of oil specially used for the oil painting. Gloss oil can protect the pigment and canvas and make the painting look brighter with better texture.

Two, a layer of transparent paper should be covered in the front of the canvas when rolling the painting up and make the canvas outside of the special cardboard. And then wrap it by using the bubble paper. If possible, make sure the clean and stable painting without crease.

Three, you should avoid making the surfaces of different paintings very close to each other and stop the pigment from sticking together and causing the pigment off and damaging the screen due to the rising temperatures

Four, prevent the sharp objects damaging the canvas during the transportation. When transportation, the positive front of the painting should face itself and clean up the dirt in the finger which may pollute the digital paintings and pigments.

Five, choose the appropriate place to hang the painting and prevent the lasting moisture and pollution.

Six, thinly coat the natural beeswax which is dissolved in turpentine in the opposite side of the painting, which is able to completely prevent the damage caused by the moist infringement.

Seven, do not use the spray, pesticides and other chemicals to spray the painting.

Eight, gently brush the dirt off the painting or use the semi dry and semi wet soft materials to swab. The pigment of oil painting is insoluble in water. But after the long-time moisture, the pigment will change the color. Handle appropriately by means of wet tissue. If there is oily fume in the painting, you can use a little and lighter soap and purified water to scrub, take a sponge to dry the water on the painting and then take the electric fan blow painting’s appearance. For the painting that is made long years ago, maintain the painting with the professional polishing oil. Before spraying the gloss oil, clean the painting with the clean cloth.


Abstract Painting Birth

Abstract Painting Birth

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