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Aroundfish was made by Paul Klee in 1922 in memory of his dead friend Mark. This was a strong symbolic and suggestive work, which was the painter Paul Klee's representative.

From the hate to the hope, Klee seemed to have seen the essence of the world. From the technique of expression: geometric structure and pointillism color were directly into the childish dream and Klee took advantage of the passion in his heart and religious sentiment to dissolve the external representations of the world, which had the different approaches but equally satisfactory results compared with the essence of Chinese paintings. The abstract and imagery symbols depicted in this painting had the symbolic and suggestive meanings.


Aroundfish 1926

Aroundfish 1926

In this work, Klee made some concrete and abstract symbols join together and formed a convoluted and simple painting. The center of the painting was a blue plate with a fish inside, and some pillars, plants, flowers as well as some strange things around. The theme of painting was said to memorize his friend Mark and Mark who died in the war. The cross represented God, grass and flowers symbolized Mark, geometrical figure was Marc, the fish was on behalf of the painter in Naples, and the black background represented the death, showing the deep thoughts of love. Klee's artistic language was unfamiliar to us, and it was these strange languages with his thought through the illusion and reality, visual and auditory, as well as figurative and abstract. Like Klee’s other works, this work was puzzling at first glance and you would discover a hidden world after the careful observation. From the subtleties of the art, the fantastic kingdom was gradually displayed and cleared up.

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