Mona Lisa's Smile

Mona Lisa portrait is really beautiful with the breath of art. Hundreds of years past, people still keep the eternal love and appreciation to Mona Lisa from the period of Renaissance to now due to his smiling. Why Leonardo Da Vinci, famous artist portray a kind of work? What his intention? What is he going to say? From very young age, I started to think about by my different brain and think there must some abstruse philosophy which is suitable for every age also refract different souls of different people from those times. Hundreds of years age, what people pursuit is complete artistic environment. But what is now?  The birth place of Mona Lisa Portrait---The West, I have not been there before and I don't know more about it. We can see that the modern Chinese society. The whole Country is filled with the idea of money first. At least, money is on the premise of all negotiations. So the life important negotiation is widely spread which also the premise of marriage.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa (Detail)

From the smiling of Mona Lisa, I see the contradiction and freedom from the nature development. At the premise of freedom, the fundamental way is to let people work hard and develop, so that the efficiency of the society will be high. Also it can make people live without complaints. If we work hard not enough, we will lose the dream, and then you only bow your head to the material. If your dream comes true through a long way, it will be happy finally. The biggest obstacle is fear on the way.

So, the people of different times and ideas from hundreds of years are infatuated with the smiling of Mona Lisa. Due to both its freedom idea showing the loser's willing and satisfaction, also the achiever's pride and happiness. Those are the entire reasons for different kinds of smiling from people.

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