Rewriting History: Le Louvre Museum confirmed the exact year of Mona Lisa

Why does Mona Lisa smile? Because she was ten years younger than what we speculated. Indeed, the world's most famous works was finished ten years later than the previous estimated schedule. The production year of Mona Lisa could be traced back to the year from 1503 to 1506. But according to the Le Louvre Museum, it was confirmed the date was amended as the year from 1503 to 1519. According to the report of The Art Newspaper, this modification will affect the replica of famous work The virgin and child with St. Anne by Da Vinci discovered in parrado.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

According to the latest research, these three works -- Mona Lisa, The virgin and child with St. Anne and the replica of  Mona Lisa were created by the followers of Da Vinci even in the year of 1519, which was shortly after the death of Da Vinci. The fire burned the discovery of the whole academic field, leading to another calculation of the production date of all works. The work discovered in Panrado was the earliest copy of Mona Lisa. The results from extra research of this copy showed, it was finished later than the estimated date. This finding influenced the future found Mona Lisa (the backgrounds of two copies and the original work could be traced back to 1515 to 1520, but this background was much later than the date of the original two copies.)

The description of Mona Lisa was also updated very soon (it is hard to imagine people in Le Louvre Museum to think of reprinting the label). Art Newspaper reported, after the close of art gallery, replicas in Parroda were likely to be brought to Le Louvre Museum and placed together to make a careful comparison by a small group of experts.

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