Surrealism Oil Painting

Pioneer Surrealism took Dadaism as its pioneer. During the French literary world of two world wars, super realism exerted a wide influence mainly focused on poems then related to prose, fiction, and drama and even in painting. Super realists aimed … Continue reading

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Matisse Painting: Dance

Since ancient times dance has become one of the most common subjects in European paintings and sculptures. Matisse said, "I like dance so much. Dance is an amazing thing:life and rhythm". Dance depicts five female dancing bodies circling around with … Continue reading

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How To Evaluate Russian Oil Paintings?

In fact, people who have interest in collection of Russian paintings are not only limited to those of art world. Because the older generations in China are subject to the impact of the oil paintings of the former Soviet Union, … Continue reading

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Le Louvre Museum Was Accused of Repairing Leonardo da Vinci's Painting

Recently, Le Louvre museum published the repair of a valuable painting of Leonardo Da Vinci to the public. This painting was called The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne, which was finally completed by Da Vinci. Da Vinci spent more than … Continue reading

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The Waterseller of Seville

The Waterseller of Seville 1623 is Velázquez's early works, it intended to show the life scene of common people. The painting technique was from Caravaggio's naturalistic style and lighting effects. Water seller is common image in the southern regions of … Continue reading

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Lady with an Ermine

This exquisite portrait painting depicts the noble and calm Cecilia Gallerani who is the mistress of Ludovico Sforza,the Duke of Milan. Later, this work is applied the color by an anonymous person, making this intimate atmosphere more intense. In any … Continue reading

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Appreciation to The Last Supper

During the celebration of the Passover Eve, Jesus and his twelve disciples sat at the table to enjoy the Passover dinner. There were thirteen people at the table and it was their last meal together. In the table, suddenly Jesus … Continue reading

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Mysterious Appearance of Cezanne’s Another Painting "Card Players"

As is known by all, Cezanne painting, Card Players, was a series of creations, totaling 5 works. In Feb this year, one piece of Card Players was bought by Qatari royal family in the price of more than 0.25 billion dollars, which was a great … Continue reading

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Rewriting History: Le Louvre Museum confirmed the exact year of Mona Lisa

Why does Mona Lisa smile? Because she was ten years younger than what we speculated. Indeed, the world's most famous works was finished ten years later than the previous estimated schedule. The production year of Mona Lisa could be traced … Continue reading

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Sunflowers in Van Gough's Paintings

According to the foreign media reports, recent studies have discovered that the sunflowers in Van Gogh's painting are not imaginary, but originate from gene mutation.The research results are published in the "PLoS genetics" in March 29th. The typical sunflowers have brown … Continue reading

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