Portrait of Irene

In 19th-century, a group of Paris-base artists begun the Impressionism with their independent exhibitions. This art movement emphasizes on accurate depiction of natural light’s play, quickly capture of common subject essence, grays and dark tones produced by mixing complementary colors, and different angles from unusual vision.

Pierre Auguste Renoir was born in a working-class family. When he was a boy, his work in a porcelain factory awakened his drawing interests and designs on fine china became the start of this way. This man is more lucky than Vincent Van Gogh, recognition for whom came after his death. May be because he was willing to meet any class.

Mlle Irene Cahen D'Anvers

Mlle Irene Cahen D'Anvers

Renoir's paintings are known for their vibrant light and saturated color, most often focusing on people in intimate and candid compositions. It is said that he is the singer of female’s youth beauty.

Portrait of Irene, one of Renoir’s typically impressionism style, was created in 1880. One day, after a party with the middle class, he was entrusted to paint a famous banker's little daughter-Irene.

It was a 8-year-old Irene, in the light blue dress with left sitting, perfect posture with hands on her knees quietly. Her golden brown and fluffy hair fell to his chest and waist slightly. Beautiful eyes with a blue heart were looking at something. There were the green leaves for background processing, which was to highlight the little girl itself.

This portrait catches people's eyes because of the typical elegant western appearance, but with classical eastern charm.

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