Marc Chagall Oil Painting Birthday

The Birthday 1915

The Birthday 1915

Birthday was created in 1915, which was one of the masterpieces of the surrealist master Chagall who could not live without kiss, dreamland and fly. The masterpiece was full of gorgeous fantasy, you can still intensively feel the joy and love from the heart of the man and the surprise and happiness of the woman when she was kissed even a century had already passed.

The origin of the work was that on July 7, 1915, the birthday of the 28-year-old Russian-born French painter Marc Chagall. When his wife Bella walked into his studio quietly with a birthday cake and flowers, he was so moved by the sudden surprise that he could not help jumping and turning around kissing his lover.

Birthday is the most typical representative of Chagall’s works. The romantic love of he and his wife Bella was always the subject of his creations. Birthday is a accurate description of their happy life after their marriage. Chagall used the surreal incredible skill to represent the dream of birthday: on the screen, the artist and his beloved wife were floating ecstatically in the air. In this painting, Chagall abandoned the body decomposition and adopted the color segmentation skill, used the black dress, black pants and red carpet and red table cloth to create a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere. Chagall considered that his artist was “psychological realism”, what he painted was not the appearance of the subject but the psychological feelings of the world.

Those floating people and colorful flowers in this work can make everyone who sees it feel that Chagall was a man who had a deep love for life. Love is the strongest enlightenment, love is poetry. No one can live without love.


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