Longing for a Puppy Love

Boy and girl gazing al the moon

The first moment I saw it, I was totally attracted and even could not breathe at all. What was presented in the painting is exactly most of us pursuing for. I, along with my half, am sitting together and enjoying the sunset. Whatever happened, happy or sad, good or bad, we support each other till death do us part. Those moved the viewers and aroused a resonance were warm colors used in the picture and exquisite brush working, which demonstrates the painting style of the painter.

Here, in the picture, two young sat on a simple and makeshift wooden chair, appreciating the moon. Leaning at the boy, the girl was well-dressed and held two beautiful sun flowers on her right hand, which makes us imaging the scenery that her deep love gave the flowers to her. How romantic it is! Only gazing at the backs of them, we can image how happy they are. There was a dog watching us, as if being afraid of us to break this happiness. There lie a fishing tool and an old bucket. In short, the boy and the girl hung out fishing and were enjoying the moon light now, which show us the romantic relationship between them and remind us of our own nostalgic puppy love. Therefore, this picture was popularly called Puppy Love. And it is officially titled Boy and Girl Gazing al the Moon.

The Puppy Love was created by well-known American painter and illustrator Norman Rockwell in 1926, which was published in April 24 at the same year on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post.


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