Day in the Life of A Little Girl

Norman Rockwell, who never lost his childishness, once said “I really do not know how many children I have painted in my paintings. I guess… maybe several thousand. But I still interested in using children as subjects.” Day in the Life of a Little Girl, 1952 is one of the famous pieces of our most well-known illustrator Norman.

Day in the Life of a Little Girl

There is no doubt that it contains the special sense of humor of Norman Rockwell. Just looking through, you can easily find out it was funny not only because the day of the little girl was so warm and sweet but Norman’s excellent painting skills that made the day truly happened in front of us. Please take a closer look, you would find out that the little girl’s hairstyle, actions, body languages, facial expressions and even the folds of her clothes endow this masterpiece with vitality.

The moment you finish appreciating, you would say how sweet it is! A little girl and a boy together finished the story by using twenty-three moments. The day started from the little girl’s nice sleep in the morning and end with a better dream at night. She got up late. She washed her teeth, fixing her hair in front of a mirror. Then she rushed to school and had a swimming class that day. When she was lost in thought, a boy came and threw her into the pool. They were chasing! How innocent! After class, the boy rode the girl by bike to have a small meal. Before saying goodbye, the boy invited the girl to his party. Would the girl go to the party? Yes! The little girl took a shower and dressed up. They were having a great time at the party. And the boy came, presenting a gift to the girl. The girl was in a happy mood, starting to fantasy. Suddenly, the naughty boy kissed the girl. What a pleasant surprise! Backing home, the little girl shared her nice day with her diary. She prayed sincerely before going to bed. That was a very happy ending.

At least but not last, to some extent, this piece has expressed a pursuing for a happier life, which was actually the dream of people during world war Ⅱ.


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